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A Travel perfume is perfect for on the go or take it with you in your holiday suitcase. The bottle contains 10 ml of your favorite perfume and therefore fits in every toilet bag. You can shop our Travel perfumes from € 13.99, without a subscription.

Choose your new fragrance

Are you eager to try out that very latest fragrance? We always have the latest, most popular scents in stock for you. Is your favorite not among them? No worries! Send us a message and we'll let you know if you can still order this fragrance.

Travel perfume as a gift

With over 400 different scents, you will always find the perfect match. Popular and exclusive fragrances, great for gift giving. Whether that is to a friend, neighbor, colleague or mother, or to yourself. Travel perfume is for everyone.

Discover your favorite

Choose your favorite scent from our wide range of luxurious, fresh, woody, floral perfumes. Give it as a gift or make yourself happy with it!

The best perfume for him

Take your perfume with you on the go. The Travel case comes in cool colors and you can easily put it in your jacket or pocket. Choose from about 200 fragrances for men. Looking for something fresh, woody or spicy? You choose your TravelPerfume here.

The best perfume for her

Exclusive and popular scents for her, but in our own compact bottles. You can choose from more than 200 women's perfumes. Floral, fresh, sweet or spicy. There is always a Travel perfume for you.

Your favorite perfume also on your doormat?

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What our customers say:

We are proud of the great experiences our customers have had with TravelParfum. Below you can read what our customers think of us.

Super useful product!!! Your favorite scent in a travel bottle, easy to carry in your bag and you smell good everywhere!!!

Ideal at all times! Holiday, easy to store in your bag. Wonderful original scents.
In short, super handy and beautiful.
I enjoy it!

What a great product this is!

I was introduced to Travelparfum through a friend and placed an order.
Enthusiastic, I ordered a 2nd product. compliment on the speed with which the order was delivered at home.

I am super excited and have successfully passed on your address several times

Ordered something for the first time. Very satisfied. For example, someone with a small budget can also smell wonderful with an expensive perfume on. The nice thing is that you are not tied to anything.

Just got my first scent. Delivered quickly and smells delicious

You are the best!!!


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A pocket-size perfume for traveling and on the go. That is Travel perfume in a nutshell. Curious about your latest favorite scent? He's just a few clicks away! Collect your favorites in your wish list, so you know exactly which pearl you will choose next time.  

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